Women At Work” is a series part of Ladies Who Lead about different female professionals across different sectors. We follow them around from the time they get ready in the morning to face the day, till they retire at the end of a long, productive 24 hours. Knowing how jam packed a routine can be for a working woman, we plan to capture all the highs and lows of her life at its candid, real and authentic best.

This episode features proud mom and co-founder of the Mumum Company, Shreya Lamba. She tells us how she put to use her woman’s instinct and mother’s concern to solve the problem of “healthy snacks” with zero sugar and preservatives for children. We get a feel of what a typical day at the office is like for this INSEAD alumni and what drives her adventurous entrepreneurial journey. As a working mom, we see Shreya juggle quality time with her daughter along with professional duties ranging from tasting sessions, packaging meetings, warehouse hunting and store visits with her co-founder Farah Nathani Menzies. 

Charging her way through typical entrepreneurial challenges, Shreya is up-beat and passionate about nurturing her infant company to mainstream success!