Motherhood has always made it tricky for working women dedicated to full time jobs. In this episode of ‘Charting Your Career’ for Ladies Who Lead, Lina Bilkha shares some staggering statistics that point to new mothers making tough choices and quitting their jobs due to parenthood. While this issue is an inevitable one that almost all working women face and unfairly struggle with, it isn’t entirely a problem that can’t be solved. Inspite of increasing maternity leave from 3 to 6 months, companies still notice their female talent pool shrinking pre and post baby. 

Lina tells us how corporates can apply better policies to make it easier for women to juggle personal and professional duties. Guilt management programs, parental transition coaching and also mentoring girls at entry levels to plan for a career trajectory instead of merely short term job goals; these are all simple solutions that organizations can use to improve female employee retention. 

As working women, it becomes important to not only be aware of personal goals and ambitions, but also to know how to make use of policies in one’s workplace for a successful win-win result. 

Ladies Who Lead, true to its name, is passionate about engaging, conversing, mentoring and sharing life and work experiences with women in the corporate industry. ‘Success Mantras’ is the first property as part of this endeavour. The series will showcase a fleet of leading women who not only share their views from the top, but also offer up some sage advice and frank admissions about the realities of being career minded women, navigating challenges like motherhood, sexism, pay gap, glass ceiling, male work cultures, self esteem issues and typical office politics.
As women ourselves, we understand best the complexities of juggling what our intuition says to do versus the fear of patriarchal perception. We know exactly that most advice shelled out to working women are easier said than done. This is why, we feel there is a need to go beyond just words and dig deep into the solutions and varied range of tried and tested experiences of real women achievers.
With the ‘Charting Your Career’ series, we try to study and address the challenges women face in different industries, to present the rude realities along with ready workable solutions to cope with them.